Marcando el paso de los ciclos que se suceden unos a los otros en espirales de mutaciones como el agua como en fuego y todo lo existente así nuestros espíritus presentes presencian estos cambios Synchronizing cycles that follow one another in spirals of mutations like water like fire and hing that is so our present spitits behold these changes incessantly moving. These two monographic shows function independently but in some way constitute the anchors of the event, which consists of a curatorial project in four stages, that I have had the joy of sharing with Tamara Díaz.

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Encuentro Negro jacobinos: Los artistas participantes pertenecen a varias generaciones, y sus fechas de nacimiento abarcan todo el siglo xx. Lo normal hubiera sido trasladarse a otro sitio, pero, en la casa de Margarita, las cosas no sucedían de manera cabalmente normal. En en Cuba. Where are you? Alfred A. The Dominican Republic has produced writers of the stature of Juan Bosh. These works, in several media, show a visual research framed by political concerns in the wake of an ill-fated regional process in a post-war that does not seem to find a solution. Although Pétion died of yellow fever in and Christophe met his own demise in a death by suicide.

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I listened to my kitchen table and heard it asking me that I write on it and this I did I listened to my kitchen table and like a diviner I flew over yonder I met with a lost angel one of those that was fired almost forgotten who long ago protected me he remembered the beautiful loves the songs but to kiss me this he forgot. Rapsodia Antillana: Alvaro Rivas. Americana Libertador Nueva York:

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