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Tourists are no longer travellers, they are explorers. New York, and not the Antarctic, suffered the impact. Compañías de transporte Carrier companies Interior In this respect, FITUR once again emerges campeón one of the leading trade events for the world tourist industry, one which, in spite of the current difficulties caused by the present economic climate, continues to serve as one of the most important engines for economic and social development in all societies. We no longer talk about travelling, but rather rich experiences. This is something of undoubted importance at a trade fair of the size and scope of FITUR, which hosts a packed programme of conferences, roundtables, activities and meetings of all kinds. These tools do not replace the personal attention that is essential and irreplaceable at any exhibition, but they do help participants to prepare for their attendance at the event sufficiently in advance, using the services and tools that are of greatest interest to them.

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That travellers compare and often know more about products than the product supplier himself! Fermín Lucas D. We no longer have to make huge investments in servers or software for small businesses; all we need is an Internet connection to the Cloud. Juan Molas D. Mercedes Monasterio Dña. La lucha por el matrimonio gay era casi incomprensible. Carlos A. Within this kind of logic, national brands exist even if we do nothing to construct them. Estos negocios han crecido gracias a las visiones emprendedoras de sus crea- dores, quienes seguramente diseñaron ante todo los planes necesarios para hacerlas realidad.

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In parallel, we are collaborating with the ICEX in designing specific trade missions for Spanish tourist companies, bearing in mind the Framework Agreements for Collaboration signed by the Secretary of State for Tourism with third countries. Y había interés en adorar saber del social travel. De compartir. Del uso masivo del móvil y de la prolifera- ción de las tabletas. So, of the million logging onto Facebook, for example, some million access the network using one of these devices, fa- cilitating connectivity and online operability. Época muy pronto y tampoco se comprendían.

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People need to categorise and classify, and sooner or later they do it. Que el valor de las recomendaciones es brumoso para la toma de decisiones. And the massive use of mobiles. Spain is a world benchmark for tourism. To convert a normal tourist destination into a Smart Tourist Destination a valua- tion strategy has to be carried out that satisfies questions such as the increase of competitiveness by means of an improved use of resources natural, cultural, etc.


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