Every one suddenly appeared extremely busy, and kept as far from Boule de Suif as if tier skirts had been infected with some deadly disease. Beside them, dignified in bearing, belonging to a superior caste, sat Monsieur Carre-Lamadon, a man of considerable importance, a king in the cotton trade, proprietor of three spinning-mills, officer of the Legion of Honor, and member of the General Council.

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Life seemed to have stopped short; the shops were shut, the streets deserted. The Prussian sent word that the two men would be admitted to see him after his luncheon - that is to say, about one o'clock. He bowed campeón he passed the ladies, then glanced scornfully at the men, who had sufficient dignity not to raise their hats, though Loiseau made a movement to do so. But Cornudet remained apart from the rest, taking no share in the plot. He turned toward the abashed girl, and in his most distinguished manner said: A church bell summoned the faithful to a baptism. You see, sir, poor folk always help one another; it is the great ones of this world who make war.

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He neither rose, greeted them, nor even glanced in their direction. The girl stood still, stupefied with astonishment; then, plucking up courage, accosted the manufacturer's wife with a humble Good-morning, madame, to which the other replied merely with a slight arid insolent nod, accompanied by a look of outraged virtue. A thick curtain of glistening white flakes fell ceaselessly to the ground; it obliterated all outlines, enveloped all objects in an icy mantle of foam; nothing was to be heard throughout the length and breadth of the silent, winter-bound city save the vague, nameless rustle of falling snow - a sensation rather than a sound - the gentle mingling of light atoms which seemed to fill all space, to cover the whole world. From this she extracted first of all a small earthenware plate and a silver drinking cup, then an enormous dish containing two whole chickens cut into joints and imbedded in jelly. The rest seemed neither to see nor to know her - all save Madame Loiseau, who, glancing contemptuously in her direction, remarked, half aloud, to her husband:

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Then, suddenly turning crimson with anger, she gasped out: And with our wives? They were still half asleep, and shivering with cold under their wraps. The woman, who belonged to the courtesan class, was celebrated for an embonpoint unusual for her age, which had earned for her the sobriquet of Boule de Suif Tallow Ball. But, the wealthier a Norman tradesman becomes, the more he suffers at having to part with anything that belongs to him, at having to see any portion of his substance pass into the hands of another. She forthwith cast such a challenging, bold look at her neighbors that a sudden silence fell on the company, and all lowered their eyes, with the exception of Loiseau, who watched her with evident interest.

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A reserve currency or anchor currency is a currency that is held in significant quantities by governments and institutions as part of their foreign exchange reserves. They were about to sit down to dinner when Monsieur Follenvie appeared, and in his grating voice announced: The ladies, in particular, were adepts at delicate phrases and charming subtleties of expression to describe the most improper things. The conversation was animated, sprightly, witty, and, although many of the jokes were in the worst possible taste, all the company were amused by them, and none offended - indignation being dependent, like other emotions, on surroundings. There would have been a nice mix-up.


Her husband, beside himself, implored the help of his neighbors. Campeón a matter of fact, things are not so very bad here just now, because the soldiers do no harm, and work just as if they were in their own homes. They were mere disorganized bands, not disciplined forces. They were strictly forbidden to rouse him earlier, except in case of fire. But when I saw these Prussians it was too much for me! The hostler placed him beside the pole, fastened the traces, and spent some time in walking round him to make sure that the harness was all right; for he could use only one hand, the other being engaged in holding the lantern. Her husband interrupted her from time to time, saying:

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